MIBE Your Tribe - 2 Day Experience

MIBE Your Tribe - 2 Day Experience


Bring up to 4 members of your tribe to learn from the best! All you have to do is book a flight and a hotel, and we’ll handle the rest. Your experience will start by attending our Tuesday morning Weekly Logistics Meeting, followed by a general organizational review with owners April and Anthony. From there, you get to choose your own adventure, as we custom tailor your experience to match your specific needs. To do this, we created “Vibes” (2 hours) and “Vibe Dives” (3.5 hours) for each area of the organization ranging from Culinary to Innovation. Day 1 concludes with a Decompression Dinner at one of Denver’s best restaurants to continue the conversation with the members of our team. Day 2 will consist of additional learning in the Vibes/Vibe Dives you select, and end by attending one of our events to see how it all comes together!

We know that you are going to be taking in a lot of information, and we’ve got your back! After returning home, you’ll have questions and we’ll have answers. Included in your experience is 2 hours of follow-up conference call (video or audio). And after that, since you’re part of our tribe now and vice versa, you’ll always be able to reach out, we’re here for you!

Here’s the format:

Day 1

  • Welcome to our Tribe (9am-12pm with owners April and Anthony)

    • Tour of our facility

    • Organizational overview (org chart, responsibilities, benefits)

    • Weekly Logistics Meeting (if attending on a Tuesday, highly recommended)

    • Culture overview

    • Orientation process

    • Leadership development

    • Recommended reading list

  • Lunch with the team at Footers Catering

  • 2 Vibes

  • Dinner with the team at local Denver restaurant

Day 2

  • 2 Vibe Dives, or

  • 1 Vibe Dive + Event, or

  • 3 Vibes

  • Lunch with the team at Footers Catering

Also included:

  • Transportation to and from airport/hotel/Footers Catering

  • MIBE Tribe swag

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Training Docs

  • Additional files/docs (depending on your needs)

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