52 MIBE Pick-up

52 MIBE Pick-up


You gotta ace up your sleeve? YEP! You do now with this incredibly multi-functional deck of cards. Use them for hiring, use them for tribe-building, or use them to show off your Texas Hold-em Skills?!

3 AWESOME ways to use these cards:

1 – Hiring

Use these value cards to really get to know your potential next hire. You wouldn’t buy a used car without looking under the hood so why would you hire someone without getting to know who they really are? Skip the traditional interview questions that candidates have over prepared for. Instead, when the candidate arrives throw them a curve ball, hand them this deck and ask them to select the 5 cards they most live their life by. Use the selected cards to drive the beginning of the interview. Be sure to ask for specific examples of how those values show up in their life. You will quickly learn what is most important to them and if they are going to be a good cultural fit.

2 – Tribe-building

Do the same exercise as above with each person on your team selecting the 5 cards they most live their life by. Have each team member share the values they selected and explain why each one is so important to them. When you know what is most important to your tribe you will begin to have more patience with each other and ultimately become a stronger team.

3 – Fun

Use this as a traditional deck of playing cards! We have created them using our lead, love, mibe, tribe symbols.

INCLUDES: 52 Value Cards + 2 Instructional Cards with Plastic Case

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