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 An Award-Winning Tribe.

While we don’t set out to win awards, and frankly don’t care about how many honors we’ve received (that’s not why we do what we do), it is nice to be recognized for our efforts. It’s our street cred! So for a handful of humble brags:



Footers Catering was selected as the 2019 Top Company in the Tourism/Hospitality category! As always, we are humbled by this achievement and credit this award to our commitment to heart leadership and intentional culture building…and of course the real stars, our amazing employees that make us a great place to work each and every day.


Certified great company culture

We are thrilled to be recognized by the folks at Zippia for the effort we’ve put forth creating a great place to work! As more and more employees are placing equal weight on a company’s culture to that of their salaries and benefits, we’re happy to help blaze a trail for others entering an era of the heartfelt workplace.

best companies to work for in colorado main.jpg

Best companies to work for in colorado

You don’t have to be the biggest name, or have astronomical revenue figures to be a great place to work. You also don’t have to be a tech company, and you definitely don’t need a ping-pong table. Footers Catering demonstrates that heart leadership and intentional culture is the secret sauce to creating an awesome place to work! If we can do it, so can you.


perkiest company to work for in colorado

Colorado Business Magazine recognized Footers Catering as a Perkiest Company because in their own words, “It’s clear that they go beyond the ordinary offerings to attract and retain employees, because executives tend to agree: A happy employee is a good employee.”


Best company to work for in Denver

We were recognized as the company with the biggest “BITE” in Denver! When companies were still Google-ing “What is company culture?” Footers was already on the scene. This was an award to the company with the highest “love-rating” from their employees.


Catersource achievement in Catering excellence

This award recognizes the company that has shown noteworthy achievement in the catering industry through culinary, business, community, and professional development. It’s like the Super Bowl for Caterers ;)


Best In Hospitality in Colorado

Footers Catering and Marriott in the same sentence? Yep! The Colorado Business Roundtable elected our team as champs. It goes to show that heart leadership can overcome a household name, and that you’re never too small to make a big impact!


Small Business of the year

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce selected Footers Catering as the Small Business of the Year. Despite stiff competition from several other highly deserving businesses, Footers stood out for achieving growth through laser-like focus on culture. The team was recognized for the mindset that taking care of your people will take care of your bottom line.


Small Business of the Year

Footers Catering was selected by the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce as their Small Business of the Year. Only a couple years after a change of ownership, and a company culture makeover, Footers rocketed to the top of a list of many well-respected companies.


Top Company - Best In Hospitality

This award seeks out the best in the biz. While there are several hospitality behemoths in Denver, Footers found its way onto the list!


Best Caterer In Colorado: 2015-2018

As voted on by the people, Footers has been selected as the Best Caterer in Colorado for several years running! The tribe has spoken…and they have voted for the tribe; The MIBE Tribe!


Best Caterer In Denver

An amazing honor, this award is typically reserved for “the usual suspects!” Footers broke the mold and raised the bar for big and small businesses alike. It was clear that there was a new sheriff in town, and its name was “Company Culture.”


Best Of Weddings: 2010-2019

This is an honor you don’t set out to receive. It’s recognition of your collective body of work. In this case, it’s wedding couples saying, “Footers Catering is AWESOME!” Year after year…


Hall Of Fame

While we weren’t measured for, or sent powder blue jackets, we couldn’t be more proud of our team for their annual efforts to create exceptional experiences for our clients and their guests. Footers was recognized for their success, over the course of several years, for exceeding expectations.


Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice: 2015-2019

Footers Catering has been continuously recognized by Wedding Wire Couples as a go-to choice for their services. Rave reviews flow in on a weekly basis, and it’s no surprise given the caliber of the leadership, training and execution of our AWESOME team!


Denver Business Journal 40 under 40

Footers is thrilled to have not one, but TWO, Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 recipients! Both Anthony and April have had this prestigious award bestowed upon them. It’s no surprise though, as they are the heart and soul of the amazing tribe they have assembled.


A Sought-After Tribe.

Our team is excited to share our learnings and methodologies with you! We are very humbled to be invited to speak at various conferences across the country, and honored to be involved in several industry organizations:













Management & Operations Facilitator

Management & Operations Facilitator

Board Members

Board Members