JDK Group


JDK Group

Harrisburg, PA

I wanted to just send a thank you for being a such an inspiration to me and sharing all your ideas with our team. 

We just had our winter-gathering this past Monday where we invited all three company's team members to the local brewery with food and entertainment and it was such a great success. Intuitively, it was something we needed to do and really felt this after spending time with you! 

We implemented a new awesome token program and even purchased a prize wheel and it was a such a hit. We did it as a team and was a lot of work but so worth it.

I was responsible for a slideshow and the production pieces which took so much time out of my normal schedule, but knew we had to do it right for our people and in addition in my mind thought  "what would my dear friend Anthony do!"  

Steve Sanchez, JDK Catering

Check them out: thejdkgroup.com

Sam Totten