Hamby Catering & Events

Charleston, SC

The Challenge: After a recent shift in ownership, Hamby felt that while they had all the right pieces and players, they struggled in making any meaningful progress.

The MIBE: Candice Wigfield, President of Hamby Catering & Events, spent 2 days visiting with the MIBE Tribe team. After diving deep into their organization and putting it all out on the table, we discovered that Hamby indeed had the people and processes to be successful, but lacked the culture needed to carry their skills to the next level.

The Results: Through the MIBE Tribe Immersion Experience, Candice got to see first-hand the benefits of intentional culture and heart leadership, and gained the education, guidance, and inspiration needed to build a sustainable culture at Hamby.

From Candice:

After spending time at Footers Catering headquarters on two separate occasions, one of my biggest takeaways from my visits is the importance of establishing, building and maintaining a strong, vibrant and active company culture. Additionally, many of my team members have seen both Anthony and April present at various Catersource conferences, a few of the talks focusing on company culture. We all work hard at this crazy catering game, and by adopting the MIBE TRIBE mentally established at Footers, we have been able to truly Make It Better Every day.


Hamby Catering & Events is a 40-year old family owned & operated catering company in Charleston, South Carolina, and I continue to be inspired and motivated by the Footers Catering team. With a recent shift in ownership at Hamby, we’ve had the opportunity to create a shift in our company culture, hopefully for the better. Company culture is something that requires a lot of dedication and focus to create and build, and getting buy in from the entire team can be a challenge. I look forward to learning more from Team Footers through the years.

Check them out: hambycatering.com

Sam Totten