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Monterey, CA

We found the Footers/MIBE Tribe consulting program to be incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Before flying out for our 3-day hands on “training”, Anthony spent time reviewing the processes & procedures that we determined were key areas we needed help with. I was impressed and thankful that they had tailored the information and materials to our specific requests. For 3 full days, our team of 4 soaked up all that Footers generously shared. Each and every person we met with was knowledgeable and willing to share whatever they could, even when we came up with occasional questions for them having nothing to do with what we were there to learn more about.   

I would not change a thing about our 3 days with the MIBE Tribe. It was worth every dollar spent. Honestly, my only regret was that we didn’t get in touch with them sooner! If you are looking to refine your systems or looking to grow to the next level, do yourself a favor, and let “the tribe” help support you!

 Debbie Young, The Events by Classic Group

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