Oak & Olive


Oak & Olive Beverage Catering

Denver, CO

We sought out the MIBE experience for Oak & Olive because we saw authenticity and care in the implementation and execution of culture, quality and environment that Footers Catering delivers. Who better to teach, instruct and workshop culture, quality, and environment than a company and owners who strive to achieve this in their business every day. As a growing company, we strive to have a strong internal culture with awesome people. The workshop hosted by the MIBE Tribe focused on hiring, training, and implementing mission, vision, and values has been invaluable as we have made growth and hiring decisions. This workshop experience was one of the most valuable decisions that Oak & Olive has made in its formative process. A highly recommended experience for any growing business and maybe even more so for any businesses (catering or otherwise) that need to make a shift to focus on internal culture.


Jordan Johnson, Oak & Olive

Check them out: drinkoakandolive.com

Sam Totten