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Anthony Lambatos

the coach

This guy is easily the best dressed dude at the office. Anthony is also the only gentleman that wears a suit in the office, so it comes as no surprise. In addition to dressing well, he’s a master of organizational management. And Excel spreadsheets. If there’s anyone who can get you excited about pivot tables, it’s him! Although he studied business and marketing at the University of Oregon, Anthony received his Ph.D. in running a company at the School of Hard Knocks. As early as he can remember, Anthony was involved in the family business. And now, after years of experience in the good, the bad, and the ugly, he knows how to handle any situation.

His leadership, patience, and desire to make those around him better is why we call him The Coach.


April Lambatos

The Head Honcho of Happiness

Her name is April, but call her Miss Daisy because she is driven! Or call her Disney, because of her experience working at Walt Disney World Resorts. Receiving her formal training in business from the University of Florida, April then spent time at Disney where she sharpened her skills in hospitality, management, and operations. Working with April is like an amusement park ride. She’s gonna tell you if you’re too short to ride, it’s exhilarating, and you might pee a little bit. But she provides the security and fun to keep you coming back for more.

Her ability to dream big, achieve results, and have fun in the process is why we call her The Head Honcho of Happiness.


Sam Totten

The Ambassador Of Awesomeness

What Sam lacks in ???, he makes up for in his beard! He’s been growing that since this morning. His master’s degree is in architecture, so naturally he joined a catering business. Being a jack of all trades, he lends himself to many roles including, but not limited to: operations, graphic design, marketing, fabricating, building & auto repair, and dishwashing. His vast set of skills has helped to build many systems, processes, procedures, and tools. Sam is basically a unicorn. His blood type is MIBE+.

His knowledge of how to make or do just about anything, is why we call him The Ambassador of Awesomeness.


Colbért Callen

The Team Mom

Colbért is usually 3-5 minutes late to meetings, but it’s no surprise given that she drives a mom wagon and her parking abilities are…interesting. Fear not, as it’s clear she uses those extra few minutes to dot her i’s and cross her t’s. Speaking of which, she originally set out to make a career in journalism. Well played Colbért, well played. Instead, she apparently evolved from an octopus and handles many people and tasks as our Director of Sales & Marketing. We’re not sure how, but she can plan an event, send an email, and have an in-person meeting all at the same time!

Her capacity to handle so many moving parts and people, while keeping calm under pressure is why we call her The Team Mom.


Jason Sutton

The Food Architect

If you know what a mullet is, then you know Jason; the perfect blend of business and fun! One minute he’s tackling the most logistically challenging events, the next he’s got half the office rolling on the floor laughing. Although you’d think he got his start on Saturday Night Live, he really began his career as a waiter. After spilling a tray full of drinks on grandma, he quickly moved to Back of House as a line cook. This inspired him to pursue a culinary degree, which led him to experiences ranging from neighborhood farm-to-table restaurants and whole animal butchery, to high-volume hotel banquet chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Hawaii, and resulted in us being able to pull off big-time business with small-town charm. 

His vision to start with nothing, find or create all the right ingredients, and combine them into a recipe for success is why we call him The Food Architect.


Heather Carr

The Culinary Crusader

Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, hello Heather Carr! We’ve got our own daily sugary shot of energy without having to refinance the house each morning. No joke on the sugar. She’s got her own motion-activated skittle dispenser! Heather discovered her talent for food in college while cooking for herself and her roommates, which led to a swift transfer to culinary school. If you think you’ve seen her before, you probably have. While Heather is humble about it, we aren’t. She competed on and won Food Network’s Chopped! The same culinary skill and drive to be the best, led her to victory on the big stage, and helps us win in our kitchen every day.

Her passion, drive, and energy to excel in every aspect of her professional and personal life, is as contagious as it is inspirational, and why we call her The Culinary Crusader.


Megan Stewart

The Exceptional Experience Expert

“I love going to Human Resources,” said no one ever…until Megan came along. The Rockstar of Recruiting, Houdini of Hiring, Titan of Training, Slayer of Scheduling, and Empress of Employee Issues, she spins more plates than a monkey in a circus, but her specialty is service. Hailing from the high end world of country clubs, Megan knows what it takes to build a team that delivers the best of the best. And with style, her other background is in merchandising. Nope, that’s not a GAP model, it’s our well-dressed service staff.

Her track record of excellence in putting together an all-star Front of House team, that year in and year out exceeds our clients expectations, is why we call her The Exceptional Experience Expert.


Krystal Hoeft

The Rainmaker

Do you hear that? Neither do we! Krystal blew out our ear drums a long time ago with her infectious and impressively loud laugh. It’s okay though because we’re all laughing now, all the way to the bank. After many years in the banking business, Krystal brings her 2 cents to the world of catering and events. As the controller, she handles all things dollar signs. She studied at Northern Arizona University, so she’s a lumberjack, or rather a lumber jill. Either way, she’ll be chopping your AR days down like Paul Bunyan, and make your piggy bank grow to the size of Babe the Blue Ox.

Her acumen and accuracy when it comes to all things financial, is why we call her The Rainmaker.