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Every tribe is different…

We understand that some folks need a company culture makeover that includes heart leadership training and ongoing accountability coaching, while others need help with the nuts and bolts of their business. Either way, we’re here to help. We’ve created different experiences to best suit your specific needs. Yes, we are a leader in the catering and hospitality industry, however, our wide-ranging backgrounds and tried-and-true systems, processes, procedures, and tools are applicable and adaptable to just about any industry.


Immersion Experience

Bring up to four members of your tribe to learn from the best! All you have to do is book a flight and hotel, and we’ll handle the rest. Upon your arrival, we’ll welcome you to our tribe with a tour of our facility and organizational review with owners April and Anthony. From there, you get to choose your own adventure, as we customize your experience to match your specific needs. To do this, we created “Vibes” (2 hour learning experiences) and “Vibe Dives” (3.5 hour learning experiences) for each area of the organization ranging from Culinary to Innovation.

Click here for more details on our Vibes

We know that you are going to be taking in a lot of information, and we’ve got your back! After returning home, you’ll have questions and we’ll have answers. Included in your experience is 1 hour of follow-up conference call (video or audio). And after that, since you’re part of our tribe now, you’ll receive special MIBE pricing on swag and education events, MIBE Tribe curated learning tools, and exclusive access to content.

Hospitality/Culture Immersion


  • Welcome to our Tribe (with owners April & Anthony)

    • Tour of our Facility

    • Organizational Overview (org chart, responsibilities, benefits)

    • Weekly Logistics Meeting (Tuesday only, highly recommended)

    • Culture Overview

    • Orientation & On-boarding Process

    • Leadership Development

    • Recommended Resources

  • Lunch with the Tribe at Footers Catering

  • Tailored Education and/or Coaching

    • 2 Vibes

  • ADDITIONAL OPTION: Decompression Dinner

    • Enjoy a Culinary Experience at one of Denver’s Top Restaurants

    • Continued Conversation & Tribe Building


  • Tailored Education and/or Coaching

    • 2 Vibe Dives, or

    • 1 Vibe Dive + Event (experience one of our events in action), or

    • 3 Vibes

    • Lunch with the Tribe at Footers Catering