MIBE Tribe Certified

Shouldn’t we be recognized for the way we treat our people too?!?! We all proudly display memberships, awards, and certification badges around our buildings and on our websites to let our visitors, potential clients, and employees know how great we are. And we should! However, we believe that how we lead and love our tribe’s is just as important, if not more than, the awards we’ve received for how pretty our food looked, how cool our event was, or how much our revenue grew. Potential clients and employees are becoming increasingly interested in the culture behind the company, so we should wear our culture accomplishments just as loud and proud as the others. Once you enlist the help of the MIBE Tribe and complete a Culture Immersion Experience, you become MIBE Tribe Certified! You’ll receive a digital badge with link to tell the world about the awesome workplace you’ve created for your employees through the training and effort you’ve put into being the best leaders in the land.


Certified Tribes

Check out a few of the amazing companies that have boldly dared to invest in their people just as much as their product or service! We’re so thankful that they have taken the leap of faith with us, and proud of their achievements in valuing their employees for more than the job they do. Dive into each one to see how the MIBE Tribe was able to help them in their journey to lead, love and mibe their teams.