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Get MIBE’ed!

The hospitality industry can be a tough biz. 

Serve, serve, serve. Cook, cook, cook. All. Day. Long. Long days. Hard nights. Weekends. Holidays. Lots of events. Seasonal Employees. And the list continues. But what if you could really be about people for people?! What if you could strengthen your team to work together to curate exceptional guest experiences and create the most raving fans in town?! What if you could shift the mind set of your team to act like owners?! What if you could grow beyond your wildest dreams because your team takes so much pride in the work they do?! What if this allowed you to focus on working on the business instead of just working in the business?!

Meet MIBE Tribe: Your Hospitality, Leadership and Culture Coaching Team! THE FIRST OF ITS KIND.

Biz coaching is a dime a dozen, but consider us your exclusive coaches who ARE in the biz, so to say we get it is an understatement. We’ve worked strategically and specifically so we could gain momentum and make a real difference in this industry. Now that we’ve done that, we’re giving you a FRONT ROW SEAT TO DO THE SAME.

Let’s face it, the hospitality industry is hard. You need someone that understands your pain and empathizes with your unique challenges. We all need to fill our own cups. Let MIBE Tribe help yours overflow! As leaders in the hospitality industry we are your trusted resource to get you back on track to a thriving future. You will have our award-winning team on your side as you reinvigorate your company and strive for better.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the hospitality industry through intentional culture and heart leadership.

Our Definition

MIBe | rhymes with "tribe" | acronym, noun & verb...we think?

The acronym for part of the Footers Catering mission statement: Make It Better Everyday. It's also the vehicle that a like-minded group of individuals (a tribe...get it?!) uses to incrementally improve their business each and every day to achieve results far beyond what they ever thought possible. When you're in the process of Making It Better Everyday, you are MIBE-ing (verb). And when you're doing it properly, with the involvement of your entire team, you have a MIBE Tribe.