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Culture Immersion Experience

Bring up to 4 members of your tribe to learn from the best! All you have to do is book a flight and a hotel, and we’ll handle the rest. Upon your arrival, we’ll welcome you to our tribe with a tour of our facility and general organizational review with owners April and Anthony. From there, we’ll dive right into a State of Company Culture session, followed by your choice of MIBE-Vibe to address your specific needs. The day concludes with a Decompression Dinner to continue the conversation with the members of our team.

We know that you are going to be taking in a lot of information, and we’ve got your back! After returning home, you’ll have questions and we’ll have answers. Included in your experience is 2 hours of follow-up conference calls (video or audio). And after that, since you’re part of our tribe now, you’ll receive special MIBE pricing on swag and education events, MIBE tribe curated learning tools, and exclusive access to our digital content library. 

Here’s the format:


  • Welcome to our Tribe (with owners April & Anthony)

    • Tour of our Facility

    • Organizational Overview (org chart, responsibilities, benefits)

    • State of Company Culture

    • Orientation & On-boarding Process

    • Leadership Development

    • Recommended Reading List

  • Lunch with the Team at Footers Catering

  • 1 Vibe

  • Decompression Dinner with the Team

Also included:

  • Transportation to and from Airport/Hotel/Footers Catering

  • MIBE Tribe Swag

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Training Docs

  • Additional Files/Docs (depending on your areas of focus)



Not feelin' the vibe in certain areas of your culture? We've got you covered! The following "Vibes" provide a wealth of information, tools, systems, processes and procedures specifically targeted at the most important parts of your company’s cultural backbone. They are 2 hour modules where you'll receive instruction straight from the horses mouth. Since we custom-tailor to each client’s needs, we’ll ensure no stone goes unturned!


hiring Vibe

One of the most important jobs within any company is hiring new employees. Bad hires can be toxic and ruin your company, while great hires can quickly take you to the next level. During this time, we will review the most common hiring mistakes and teach you how to avoid making them. We will also dive in to:

  • Creating a pipeline of talent

  • Marketing for open positions

  • Establishing a hiring process to ensure you avoid desperation hiring

  • Interview tips, tricks and questions

  • Group interview fundamentals

  • Working interviews

  • Assessments


culture vibe

Work culture plays a critical role in the retention and productivity of a team. It’s the ecosystem that makes some places great to work and other places toxic. Considering that we spend one third of our lives in the workplace, it’s no wonder that an attractive culture is now just as important to new hires as compensation. This time will be focused on giving you tangible ways to improve your work environment and helping you avoid some of the common mistakes people make when trying to create a great place to work:

  • Develop your mission, vision and values

  • Culture Club

  • Reward and Recognition programs

  • Building relationships among your team

  • Creating fun in the work place

  • How culture can lower costs and improve productivity


Innovation Vibe

Companies with a culture of innovation consistently outpace the competition and are often recognized as places where employee engagement is high, and people work with passion every day. Contrary to popular belief, innovation does not always happen in the same way. Through the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment we will discuss the nine key triggers for innovation and how to identify them, so you and your team can deliver innovative thinking to your work and life on a daily basis. This will help get you on a path to shift your culture so that everyone participates in innovation:

  • How innovation impacts your business

  • Misconceptions about innovation

  • Access to the IQE assessment to reveal your individual innovation power triggers

  • Creating a culture of innovation, where all employees are comfortable contributing

  • Team exercises to foster innovation

  • Communicating and implementing new ideas